1. Does it make any difference who installs my Leafscreener?


We offer a ‘Supply & Fit’ service because we believe a quality installation requires experience coupled with respect for the precepts of the Leafscreener system.

Also, your prospective installer should be reliable, licensed and insured – like us.

2. Which is better for me – plastic or metal mesh?

UV stabilised, high density polyethylene (HDPE) diamond pattern mesh is tried and true.

It comes in a number of colours, it’s on hundreds of thousands of houses Australia-wide and you can’t go wrong with it.

Powder coated aluminium diamond pattern mesh offers a similar colour range with zero flammability.

Its primary use is when required under a local council directive for new construction in areas designated Bushfire Prone.

3. How long will my Leafscreener installation last?

HDPE mesh comes with a 15 year product and labour warranty – 20 years for the aluminium.

However, all components we use (including tek screws and silicone) are actually rated 20+ years.

With a modicum of maintenance we believe your installation will comfortably meet and even exceed that.

4. What about maintenance?

No ongoing maintenance is required – barring Act of God occurrences, Leafscreener components can look after themselves.

However, depending on tree/roof/gutter/weather variants, as seasonal rain showers become lighter and more intermittent it may be advantageous for gutters to receive a very occasional hose-through to prevent the accumulation of dust and sediment.

Nothing too critical, but this could be carried out (without lifting the mesh) every 3 to 5 years.

DIY – or we can oblige for a small fee.

5. Do I need Council approval to install Leafscreener?

Not normally.

But installations on new construction in council designated Bushfire Prone areas must now utilise non-flammable mesh.

6. How much will my Leafscreener installation cost?

Our quality Supply and Installation service ranges from $20.00 and up per linear metre for HDPE mesh and $30.00 and up for aluminium.

Factors that can influence price include:

  • type of gutter
  • type of roof
  • pitch of roof
  • height of roof
  • skylights (if required additionally)
  • solar on roof (if it impedes installation)
  • total valleys required (where using over-width mesh)
  • shrubs, vines, antennae, electrical brackets, vent pipes etc (if they impede installation)
  • special requests (e.g. metal guard removal, gutter or downpipe refurbishment) and so forth

Ultimately, an exact quote requires the estimate to be made in situ – which, for genuine requests in Sydney & suburbs, we’re happy to do free of charge as promptly as we can.

Customer Reviews

In the huge storm that we had (after Leafscreening) the usual leak onto the front verandah just never happened.  Even the continual rain all Friday night and most of Saturday never caused one drip.  So we are really pleased in more ways than one that we chose you and....

The Mayos

They (Leafscreener personnel) quickly fixed the problem.  I have found Leafscreener most efficient in keeping leaves and other materials from entering the gutters and blocking them.  I can thoroughly recommend the product and the installation team.   (Mr) R. A. Durham Pymble....

(Mr) R. A. Durham

Since ‘Leafscreener’ was installed, the leaves just blow off and are no longer a problem .   (Mrs) Barbara Hooper Carlingford....

(Mrs) Barbara Hooper

I would like to tell you how well it blends with our house colours, and above all, doing the job it is supposed to do.  We are already into the ‘Bushfire’ season, but because of the Leafscreener there is one less job to do in order to prepare our....

(Mr) F. Fonseca

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