Talk About Gutter Guards

So, you’re in the market for a gutter leaf guard and you’re looking to get the best (ie. the most effective guard) installed for the best price.
Let’s see what we can suss out.
Firstly, the ‘why’ – if you’re like most people it’s basically to eliminate the thankless and often dangerous chore of climbing a ladder to clean leaves, twigs, bark &/or gumnuts out of gutters.
But in addition, we nominate another FOUR major benefits to be gained by fitting a well-designed gutter guard:

  1. Uninvited furred and feathered visitors are kept out of your roof cavity permanently (all gutters and valleys are fully sealed-off from birds, possums and rodents).
  2. Your roof cavity is protected from ignition by wind-borne bushfire embers (gutters are kept clear of combustible leaf debris during dry summer months).
  3. The life of your gutters is extended (damp, acidic, metal-chewing leaf mulch is prevented from accumulating in the wet season).
  4. Rainwater collection is optimised for present (or future) water tank installation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               l l

Now we’ll move to the ‘what’ – there’s a lot of leaf guards out there, starting with the so-called ‘dollar mesh’ tuck-in type primarily sold by hardware stores to first time punters.                                  There’s a dozen or so of these low-end, modestly priced guards available, some plastic and some metal – we might imagine them as the ‘dirty dozen’ because they’re far better at collecting and retaining leaf debris than eliminating it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       So, let’s describe these simple plastic or metal guards that SIT IN or SNAP UNDER the edges of your gutters as ‘quarter’ guards – ie. they manage about a quarter of the task they’re intended to handle. And don’t even think about putting them in valleys – there, they’re useless.
Next, there’s the expanded metal guards that cover gutters up to the edge of the roof.
Being factory-made, they don’t allow for normal roof profile variations and fit imperfectly along the edge of the roof – leaving small gaps that need to be siliconed up later (but are more likely just to be left as-is allowing debris to enter).
We’ll call these ‘half’ guards – they’re solid and about half-way helpful (though like the ‘quarter’ guards, they’re valley cloggers rather than protectors).
Then there’s the ‘ski-slope’ system (like Leafscreener) – call this the ‘full service’ gutter guard.
It’s called ‘ski-slope’ because it uses the slope or pitch of the roof to help clear leaf debris.
There’s a couple of these guards on the market, though we can claim accurately to be the first and with some justification to still be the best.
The Leafscreener system is nominated ‘full service’ because it is fitted OVER the gutter and ABOVE the roofline on all tile and metal roof gutters and valleys with NO exclusions and NO gaps.
In our opinion, only if you see leaf-laden gutters as a non-issue would you seriously consider anything other than a ‘full service’ gutter guard – and if that was the case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.


Customer Reviews

In the huge storm that we had (after Leafscreening) the usual leak onto the front verandah just never happened.  Even the continual rain all Friday night and most of Saturday never caused one drip.  So we are really pleased in more ways than one that we chose you and....

The Mayos

They (Leafscreener personnel) quickly fixed the problem.  I have found Leafscreener most efficient in keeping leaves and other materials from entering the gutters and blocking them.  I can thoroughly recommend the product and the installation team.   (Mr) R. A. Durham Pymble....

(Mr) R. A. Durham

Since ‘Leafscreener’ was installed, the leaves just blow off and are no longer a problem .   (Mrs) Barbara Hooper Carlingford....

(Mrs) Barbara Hooper

I would like to tell you how well it blends with our house colours, and above all, doing the job it is supposed to do.  We are already into the ‘Bushfire’ season, but because of the Leafscreener there is one less job to do in order to prepare our....

(Mr) F. Fonseca

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