Curled In™

Curled In® Gutter Guard


Curled In gutter guard on a flat roof
Curled In gutter guard on a flat roof showing its snug fit

Heavy duty 960gsm Gutter Guard for DIY

Our LEAFSCREENER® Curled In® gutter guard is an awesome alternative choice for DIY homeowners who want to install a simple gutter guard system themselves. Many shoppers know there are limited options in local and even big retail hardware stores. Curled In® is a value for money product! The rib strands are thicker and the mesh holes size is optimal for leaf protection of gutters. This is a mesh that was designed by gutter experts, for gutter protection with fast flow of water being a must!

Curled In® gutter guard is supplied in 30 metre rolls that are accurately machine cut to our 200mm width. Each roll weighs over 6 kilos. This is the perfect size for inserting the gutter guard in to your standard fascia gutters. You can also trim off 10mm to 20mm in case 200mm is too wide. This is an excellent budget product for bird proofing of your gutters because it’s rigid enough to minimise the chance of caving.

With the Curled In® system, it’s important to achieve a minimum of one inch rise above the gutter lip (the mesh should only just be visible from the ground). Rising up by 25mm higher than the gutter roll bead is necessary to achieve a proper gutter guard fit. This reduces the risk of the gutter guard caving in and it means the mesh will fill the roof edge as much as possible.

Your garden variety hardware store meshes are very roughly cut between 150mm to 180mm; some rolls we’ve test measured were only 130mm. These options are also about 2-3 times lighter than LEAFSCREENER Curled In®. LEAFSCREENER polymesh is much stronger. This is a trade quality mesh weighing 960gsm (grams per square metre). LEAFSCREENER polymesh has been used for many years, also in permanent screwed down installations.

LEAFSCREENER Curled In™ gutter mesh installed on a roof
LEAFSCREENER Curled In® gutter mesh installed on a carport roof in one long custom length

How Much Is It?

At only $3.30 per metre* ($99 per 30 metre roll) and available in different colours, LEAFSCREENER Curled In® Polymesh is your ultimate DIY option. To install LEAFSCREENER Curled In®, you only need a pair of scissors. There’s no need to drill holes or bolt down pieces of metal to your precious roof! See our other options regarding retail and wholesale supply of leaf guards!


  • Supplied in 30 metre rolls meaning you can install complete lengths without any joins
  • Thicker ribs and less sagging risk
  • Very affordable option
  • Easy to Install with the use of standard household tools
  • Use trade quality gutter materials for your DIY roof project!
  • Best affordable choice for bird proofing of standard gutters where leaves are not a problem


Curled In Polymesh comes in different colours! Current options are:

  • Karaka (available for supply or install)
  • Heritage Red (available for supply or install)
  • Shale Grey (available for supply or install)
  • Beige (available for supply or install)
  • Brown
  • Black

    Black Curled In™ gutter mesh
    Black Curled In® gutter mesh (low stock available for supply & install only)


Brown Curled In™ gutter mesh
 Brown Curled In® gutter mesh (low stock available for supply & install only)


For a slightly heavier duty non-screwed system, check out the Triple-G Gutter Guard product from Grayson’s Gutter Guard. Triple-G fits the same way as LEAFSCREENER® Curled In, but it’s about 5% heavier!

Installing LEAFSCREENER Curled In™
Professional Installer of LEAFSCREENER Curled In® shows you how. If you order from us we include a handy instruction video on how-to!

Have The Pros Install It For You

If you’re not confident up ladders its okay because we have a dedicated and experienced team of Gutter Cleaners/Gutter Guard Installers who can do it for you. Before installing Curled In, we will also fully clear out the affected gutters and rinse them to be certain they’re totally clean. If you wish to have our Curled In® installed by one of our Gutter Guard Fitters, call us today: 1300 LEAFSCREEN!

*only available in 30 metre rolls. Delivery/shipping fees apply. This price may change, get in FAST! As of June 2023, 30m rolls of Curled In are only available in Heritage Red, Beige, Karaka or Shale Grey.