Retail & Wholesale Supply

Our quality LEAFSCREENER® gutter guard products are available to be shipped Australia wide. Our metal mesh or polymesh leaf guard systems are always in stock to be sent express to your door. LEAFSCREENER® products are perfectly suited to the DIY homeowner who is searching for a better quality variety of options for leaf gutter protection. We have the very best selection of trade quality fixing parts and silicone to be used, our products are not available in regular hardware outlets.


We now have LEAFSCREENER® exclusive polymesh available in a lighter weight, specifically for retail and wholesale inquiries. Ask about our LEAFSCREENER® DIY discounted polymesh today, it weighs 960 grams per square metre! That’s heavy duty!

LEAFSCREENER® DIY retail polymesh gutter guard, installed on a flat roof. The mesh in this photo is the heavy grade material. Ask about our discounted lighter grade option, perfect for DIY homeowners!

METAL BAL. RATED MESH (great for bushfire areas)

Metal gutter mesh is becoming increasingly popular as Australians become more conscious of the terrible risk of house fire due to ember attack. See our massive colour range and call us today!

LEAFSCREENER DIY install on corro roof using fire ember metal gutter guard
LEAFSCREENER®  DIY install on corro roof using fire ember metal gutter guard. Looking at the roof next door, the gutters are blocked with leaves because the neighbours don’t have LEAFSCREENER®
Plastic leaf gutter mesh DIY
A happy homeowner installing our heavier 1000gsm polymesh leaf gutter guards.

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