Gutter Cleaning

Expert Gutter Cleaning

The majority of the gutter cleaning that we do is in relation to servicing old gutter guards, or during preparation of LEAFSCREENER®️ gutter guard installations.

We use a variety of different methods to clean out gutters, but we don’t use vacuums. Most of the debris in your gutters and downpipes will be removed using versatile hand tools. The history of Australian LEAFSCREENER®️ dates back over 28 years, we have learnt valuable lessons from our experience and from the knowledge of our predecessors.

Leafscreener team at work cleaning gutters

We’re always searching for new products and innovative ideas to maintain up to date know-how of what other gutter cleaning systems are available. Rubbish that has fallen to the ground during gutter cleaning will be swept up and placed in compost heaps or bins. For an added fee we can remove the rubbish from your property in our transport vehicles. To facilitate the removal of large quantities of waste, we can have a skip bin placed onsite and then swiftly picked up later.

Tree Pruning

Overhanging tree branches are also cut back and removed! Deciduous trees are the main cause of problems in roof gutters. Installation of gutter protection is one sure-fire way to keep gutters flowing more freely, but keeping tree branches at (at least) arms length from the gutters is even more important. A normal gutter cleaning roof service also involves pruning away unwanted tree foliage from about 1 metre clear of your gutters and roof edge.

Valley Cleaning

The valleys of your roof are a valuable part of the guttering drainage system. During a tempest storm your roof valleys will channel thousands of litres of water down to the gutters. Clearing of these roof valleys is included in every gutter cleaning job that we do. In areas with denser bush, valleys will become completely filled with a thick layer of leaf, twig and stick debris. Sweeping valleys and roof areas is something we enjoy doing, we understand totally the nuisance that this mess causes. We take care to be sure that your valley blockage will not fall down on to the ground, if this occurs during the sweeping process we always clear up all the mess at ground level and leave your property as we found it!

Other Services

  • Inspection of your roof for defects
  • Identification of potential leaks and advice on what to do
  • Bird Proofing of roofs using our wide product range
  • Supply and erection of scaffolding for gutter related works
Clean gutters on a tiled roof
Gutter Cleaning by LEAFSCREENER®

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