LEAFSCREENER® Installations

Polymesh Gutter Protection

At LEAFSCREENER®️ we carefully select only the most durable polymesh for our gutter guard installations. Our polymesh gutter guard is stronger, heavier and more tear resistant than most other options out there, plus it’s resistant to impact, water damage and UV damage.

Metal Gutter Guards

LEAFSCREENER®️ non-combustible aluminium gutter mesh is powder coated and will outlast many other options, it won’t easily warp or change colour from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Our metal gutter meshes conform very well to roofing and come in a massive colour range.

LEAFSCREENER® Box Gutter Installations

LEAFSCREENER® are experts at installing leaf guard onto box gutters, which are gutters that are ‘boxed in’ by higher sections of building. Box gutters require a much wider sheet of gutter guard, and both our polymesh and metal leaf screen can be cut to neatly fit your box gutters.