Box Gutter Leaf Guard Installations

Leaf Guard for Box Gutters

People always ask us, “can you install leaf guard on to box gutters.” The answer is yes, LEAFSCREENER® is very much available to install our high grade gutter mesh on to your boxed guttering. You might ask, “what are box gutters,” box gutters are gutters that are boxed in and usually surrounded or adjoined by sections of building that are higher, therefore box gutters are NOT visible from the ground. Often the box gutter is next to an area of walling that stands up higher than the gutter by about 30cm – 80cm, this is called the parapet and it makes the box gutter safer to work on. With box gutters we often use a much wider sheet of gutter guard leaf screen, everything can be cut to neatly fit your gutters.


Box Gutter Guard by LEAFSCREENER
Box Gutter Leaf Protection installed by LEAFSCREENER®


There are some advantages in having box gutters in modern roofing, they are easier to clean. But if and when they do block up with leaf, tree and bird waste, they are much more likely to flood and back up into your house. After a heavy downpour, we literally just wait for the phone to ring knowing that the next incoming call will be a homeowner who is experiencing flooding due to box gutter failure. Call 1300 LEAF SCREEN because there are massive benefits in installing our box gutter leaf protection. With a LEAFSCREENER® box gutter leaf guard installed, you will sleep like a baby through the next big storm! Either our polymesh or our metal guards can be used for your LEAFSCREENER® installation.


box gutter guard
Another Box Gutter with LEAFSCREENER®

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