Polymesh Gutter Protection

Plastic Polymesh Gutter Guard

Customers always ask us whether we recommend plastic polymesh gutter guard or metal gutter protection, the best thing is, we have options for both. Plastic gutter guard is inert and cannot corrode or be at risk of electrolysis (rapid corrosion sometimes caused by incorrect metals being used in roofing). If your rain gutters are feeding in to water tanks you’ll be rest-assured there are no contaminants running off into your valuable water supply. The polymesh that you see in the photos of this page, is our 1000gsm option and made from the very highest quality virgin food-grade plastic. All our gutter mesh products are also capable of being used in our bird proofing applications, a full leaf gutter guard install, always includes our guarantee that your gutters are now bird proof! See our Curled In™ page for our budget option of 960gsm mesh, this is a trade quality option for concerned homeowners.

Installing Leafscreener polymesh gutter guard

At LEAFSCREENER®️ we carefully select only the most durable UV-stabilised polymesh for our gutter guard installations. Our polymesh gutter guard is stronger, heavier and more tear resistant than most of the metallic options out there. The major role of gutter protection systems is to preserve the flow of water and therefore the structures of your house. Our heavy duty, strong plastic gutter mesh is resistant to impact, water damage and UV damage. There are some inferior metal and plastic guards on the market that are up to 5 times lighter in weight; they are quite flimsy by comparison.

Just like our metal mesh, LEAFSCREENER®️ poly mesh covers the entire width and length of the guttering to create a reliable sheet which prevents the accumulation of leaves and other debris. Our poly mesh has an extremely smooth top so more leaf matter will just slide off.

Advantages of LEAFSCREENER®️ polymesh

  • only the finest grade polymeshes used
  • highly experienced professional installers
  • smoother top than metallic options (meaning more debris slides off)
  • no risk of rusting or corrosion
  • fully inert product
  • stop birds and unwanted pests getting inside your roof


LEAFSCREENER heavier polymesh gutter protection providing unrivaled functionality
LEAFSCREENER®️ heavier polymesh gutter protection providing unrivaled functionality.