Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing Solutions

When birds and other pests make their homes in gutters and roofing, they can cause all manner of issues for the building owners, inhabitants, and guests. Choosing the right bird control option for your property is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of both buildings and people. Leafscreener gutter guards have been used for bird proofing of roofs for decades. We also have other products like solar panel meshes and bird spikes.

Bird proof gutter guard by Leafscreener
Bird proof gutter guard by Leafscreener. Indian Mynas and other pest species like Starlings will no longer be able to invade your roof space!

What are the dangers of allowing pest birds to live in gutters and roofing?

For buildings

  • Clogged drainage and gutter systems from, feathers and dead birds.
  • Unsightly droppings and nests that may include sticks, feathers, rubbish and other debris.
  • Birds can transfer insects and mites to your home
  • Bird droppings will promote the growth of plants, moss, and lichen on your roof. This can be harmful to a building’s structural integrity.
  • Birds attract other pests like bird mites

For people

  • Diseases such as psittacosis, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis are carried by birds.
  • Birds carry lice, mites and other nasties which will be attracted to the warmth of the home.
  • People with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues can be affected by pest bird activity in the home.
  • Pest bird feathers and other materials will build up in the roof space lowering the air quality inside your house
  • Clogged gutters from rubbish, nests and other debris carried by birds can cause safety hazards and increase the risk of fires and other damage that may harm people.
Gutter guard to protect your home
Protect your home

Which birds are likely to wreak havoc in your roof and gutters?

The usual suspects that love to roost in gutters and roofing are small birds like mynas, pigeons, and starlings.

What else have these birds got in common? They’re all pest species and they’re all found commonly throughout Melbourne and Sydney suburbs and wider Australia!

Unlike native birds, which nest in trees, pests and introduced species will nest wherever they can. Some common nesting spots are in and around gutters, underneath roof tiles, inside rain heads and downpipes. Underneath solar panels is rapidly becoming a nest area of choice for pigeons in particular. We often get calls from homeowners who’ve had birds fly in through their chimneys and exhaust systems.

Installing LEAFSCREENER gutter guards to your roof
Installing LEAFSCREENER gutter guards to your roof

What bird proofing options are available at Leafscreener?

At Leafscreener, we offer a range of bird proofing options to suit a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings.

We can install a single bird proofing option, or mix and match a few to help improve the security of the property.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are a great option for deterring birds from building their nests and roosting in the more accessible areas of the roof. Bird spikes are mainly used on ledges to stop birds pooping down the walls., they are harmless to the animal.

Solar Panel Mesh

Birds love nesting underneath solar panels, so we offer high-quality Solar Panel Mesh installation to keep them out for good so you can get the most out of your solar investment. Our Solar Mesh product doesn’t require the use of any screws, so the electrical function of the solar energy system will not be affected.

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard is a staple for keeping birds out of gutters and homes, blocking any open pathways into the building, not only for birds but for other pests and debris too. Our specially designed Curled In™ Gutter Guard is durable but flexible, allowing us to mould it to fit the shape of openings that lead inside. We offer many types and styles of gutter guard to ensure the best fit for your property is achieved, both aesthetically and functionally.

Does Leafscreener remove bird nests and clean gutters before installing bird proofing solutions?

Absolutely! When possible, we always make sure the gutter system and roof are clear of birds and their nests before installing Bird Spikes, Solar Panel Mesh or Gutter Guard. Some bird nests may be stuck in areas that are too awkward to be removed, but wherever we can, we will remove them.

Leafscreener also provide quality gutter cleaning services, tree pruning, valley cleaning and more – just let us know if you require these services and we’ll include them in your initial quote.

By the time we’re done, your home or commercial building will be clean and clear of birds and other pests and fully protected from them in the future. You can call on us for Gutter Guard servicing and maintenance down the track to make sure they continue to protect you and your home for years to come.

If you need professional and affordable full-scope Melbourne or Sydney bird proofing services that won’t let you down, get in touch with the Leafscreener team today!

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