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Bushfire Ember Guard Gutter Protection

At Leafscreener, we’re dedicated to helping protect homes in bushfire-prone areas with our high-quality Ember Guard gutter protection. We understand all too well the devastating impact that bushfires can have on the safety of homes, possessions and loved ones. That’s why we offer gutter guard options made specifically with homes in bushfire-prone areas in mind.

Our Ember Guard is designed to assist in keeping gutters clear of debris and flowing freely, as well as providing a barrier to help prevent embers from entering the gutter system and the roof of the home itself. Safeguard your property and gain peace of mind by installing our Ember Gutter Guard solution for bushfire-prone homes.

LEAFSCREENER Ember Guard Installation

What makes Ember Guard gutter mesh better for bushfire-prone areas?

There are a few key features of our Ember Guard gutter protection that makes it the perfect solution for homes that are located in areas of Australia that tend to see more bushfire activity than others:

  • Made with smaller 2mm holes to help create a more effective barrier against smaller particles like airborne embers.
  • Crafted using sturdy, non-combustible steel or aluminium as opposed to plastic or foam.
  • Woven design creates a stronger material for an extended lifespan.
  • Thinner strand width allows for easier gutter flushing through the mesh.
  • Slimline, flexible qualities allows the Ember Guard to easily conform to the shape of the roof for a neater, more aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Thicker powder coating for improved strength and UV protection.
  • Screw in design anchors the mesh securely to the roof to avoid it becoming loose or lifting.

Will this type of Gutter Guard suit my home and what materials can I choose from?

Yes! You shouldn’t have to forgo style to achieve a safe environment for your home. We offer a massive range of colours to choose from in our Ember Guard gutter mesh collection. No matter what type of home, gutter or individual style choices exist on your property, we’ll be able to offer a solution that works. Even the screws are painted to match the colour of the mesh.

We also offer the choice of our classic aluminium or premium steel Ember Guard mesh. Both are suitable options for bushfire-prone areas, however, our steel Ember Gutter Guard solution is a higher quality material.

Is Leafscreener Ember Guard suitable for homes subject to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) regulation?

Our Ember Guard gutter mesh is suitable for homes subject to all BAL levels, but we do recommend checking in with your local fire authority throughout the process of choosing the best Gutter Guard for your home. The regulations regarding bushfire preparation can often change.

We’ve included a table outlining the 6 Bushfire Attack Levels as a reference for Australian homeowners. These different levels help measure the risk for buildings in certain bushfire-prone areas. It is important to note that Government and Fire Brigade recommendations and building guidelines can vary in every geographical region. These guidelines and laws may change at any time and we strongly recommend that you consult your local Fire Fighter Department before deciding on the best options for bushfire protection.

The 6 Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)

Refers to homes that are at low-risk, and do not require special designs or retrofitting.

BAL 12.5

Refers to homes and properties that are prone to ember attacks and will require some retrofitting.

BAL 19

The risk of ember attack is somewhat increased and there is also a chance of wind-borne embers igniting debris around the property. Chances of exposure to radiant heat are somewhat increased. Retrofitting will be necessary.

BAL 29

The same risks as BAL 19 apply but at an increased level, so once again retrofitting is required.

BAL 40

The same risks of ember attack and heat flux as previous levels apply, but there is also some risk of direct exposure to flames, so retrofitting will not suffice.

BAL FZ (Flame Zone)

The same risks as previous levels apply, but the risk of direct exposure to flames from the bushfire is even higher. Buildings cannot be retrofit, and should be rebuilt to specification instead.

What are the benefits of installing Ember Guard gutter protection on Australian homes?

Bushfires in Australia can have incredibly devastating effects on land, animals, properties and people. While we can never truly escape the harsh reality of living in a bushfire-prone country, we can take measure to help protect ourselves, our homes and our loved ones.

Installing specially designed 2mm x 2mm woven mesh Gutter Guard for bushfire-prone areas will not only offer all the benefits of regular Gutter Guard, but can help reduce the risk of airborne embers entering the home through the gutter system. This ultimately helps in preventing homes from burning down due to bushfire activity.

As you can see from the images below, this home with metal gutter mesh installed has narrowly avoided the destruction that has affected the properties nearby. We can never be 100% sure whether it was the gutter mesh directly that saved this home, but either way, we’re glad that this home is still standing.

Get in touch today to chat with our team of experienced Leafscreener Gutter Guard technicians about protecting your home from the devastating effects of Australian bushfires!


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