Service of Old Gutter Guards

Repositioning, Cleaning and Repairs of your old leaf gutter guard

If your old gutter covers need repositioning, fixing or just a general clean and maintenance, our highly trained LEAFSCREENER®️   experts can assist. Old gutter guards will eventually clog up with fine dirt, sand and pollen particles. Moss and weed growth follows, which will in turn risk rust build-up in guttering sections. All LEAFSCREENER®️ technicians have access to the finest grade leaf guards, BAL-rated ember meshes, and the necessary fixing hardware that will be required to repair or replace your gutter guards!

Repairing gutter guard


Service of Old Gutter Guards is something that our installers are doing almost every day. Once your gutter guards reach about the 10 year age mark, it’s almost a certainty that they will require some maintenance; even with no trees around. Dust and sludge builds up in the gutter floor and this inhibits water flow, together with bird droppings, you’ll have weed growth. To get the weeds out properly we’ll have to remove the gutter guard mesh, we will then scrape out all the rubbish and flush your whole gutter with water to wash away the remaining fine particles. During the process of water flushing we will test flowage and then ensure your downpipes are also totally clear.


We may find slight tears or cracks in your old gutter guard. Our expanded metal gutter guard mesh is perfect to act as a patch in these situations. Most old gutter guards will have some wear and tear that needs fixing. If there’s a crack, we use expanded metal gutter mesh to cover this over and then we use gutter guard screws to secure it in place. High grade roof silicone will be applied to any of the old gutter guard joins where necessary. We will ensure there are no trees branches hanging too close to your gutters, we cut these back as part of the service.

Freshly maintaned and serviced gutter guard
Make your gutter guard work like new again with our service cleaning of old gutter guards!

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