Leafscreener Sydney & Suburbs

Superior microscreen protection for all guttering & roof types.


Leafscreener originated in 1989 when Michael Sichel and Andrew Dash began devising a new leaf barrier system to improve the functioning of gutters under Australian conditions.

After considering a number of ideas, Michael and Andrew eventually settled on attaching a continuous strip of microscreen mesh over both gutter and lower roof which would assist leafy debris to clear while allowing rainwater to enter clean gutters and drain away as intended.

The new concept would also give bushfire ember protection, prevent roof entry by birds, possums and rodents and provide the ultimate assistance for rainwater collection and storage.

The challenge was to make their system reliable, durable and affordable – and get it to work optimally with every type of roof and gutter.

The Australian Design Award they received in 1991 testifies to their success in achieving their goal.

The innovative system was named Leafscreener.

Today, utilising improved materials and state-of-the-art installation techniques, Leafscreener remains at the forefront of the gutter protection industry.

Contemporary urban-bush interface living deserves a quality, non-flammable gutter guard.

Customer Reviews

In the huge storm that we had (after Leafscreening) the usual leak onto the front verandah just never happened.  Even the continual rain all Friday night and most of Saturday never caused one drip.  So we are really pleased in more ways than one that we chose you and....

The Mayos

They (Leafscreener personnel) quickly fixed the problem.  I have found Leafscreener most efficient in keeping leaves and other materials from entering the gutters and blocking them.  I can thoroughly recommend the product and the installation team.   (Mr) R. A. Durham Pymble....

(Mr) R. A. Durham

Since ‘Leafscreener’ was installed, the leaves just blow off and are no longer a problem .   (Mrs) Barbara Hooper Carlingford....

(Mrs) Barbara Hooper

I would like to tell you how well it blends with our house colours, and above all, doing the job it is supposed to do.  We are already into the ‘Bushfire’ season, but because of the Leafscreener there is one less job to do in order to prepare our....

(Mr) F. Fonseca

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